10th May 2017

Bridal Beauty Part 2 – What to do about your Hair

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The wedding season has officially started! – I’ve already written a post for you on how to prepare your face for your wedding day and today I’ll be talking about your hair.

So as with your skincare it’s important to think about your hair prep early.



Now is the time to book your initial hair appointment and it’s a good idea to try and make this on the same day as your first make up appointment. This will allow you enough time to fine tune your style and colour – make sure you try out a few styles to find out what suits you and your dress.

It’s also a good idea to start a course of hair masks a couple of months before your wedding – work with your hairdresser to asses what your hair needs and find something that gives it bounce and volume.

Now is the time to start covering your hair in a nourishing hair oil once a week too – if you can leave it overnight that will really allow it to settle in.



Make sure you’ve booked in all of your hair appointments until the big day and stick to them! As with your facials it’s important to keep to a schedule to make sure that your hair looks that best that it ever has on the big day.



With a few months still to go it’s a good idea to do a hair trial to decide on a style and look for your big day. Try and schedule this around another event so that you can see how your style stands up to dancing, hugging, moving etc. And make sure you take lots of pictures from all angles – you want to make sure it’ll look great in all your shots.



Now is the time to think about having a professional keratin treatment at a salon to tame any frizzy ends that may cause problems on the day. This will help to smooth the hair and make it more manageable to work with.



Although this isnt the time to be changing your colour, it is time to think about touching up any roots you may need doing. Colour looks better when it’s been lived in a bit so give yourself a pre wedding pampering day and enjoy a pampering session.



In the week before your wedding it’s a good idea to go for a trim to get rid of any split or tangled ends. You can also discuss any final hair needs with your hairdresser – will you want flowers in your hair? Did your test hair stay in or do you need more grips to keep it looking perfect all night.



It’s the night before so now all your hard work is done and should have paid off. If you’re having your hair down make sure you wash it on the morning of your wedding – preferably whilst drinking champagne and sitting in a silky nightgown. If you’re having it up then hair is best left for a day.

Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy! And look gorgeous of course – you deserve it.

Look out for my third blog on bridal beauty coming very soon where I’ll be talking about prepping your body and skin.




Abigail James @AbigailJames

This week I’ve been trying some new professional products that I’m introducing into my treatment… https://t.co/M6lkrJVQRV

Abigail James @AbigailJames

Flowers, always good for putting a beautiful smile on your face 😁 no matter how tough a week… https://t.co/yuuR6hFYjk



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